Conflict of Interest Policy

As part of the submission process, you will be asked to identify potential reviewers who may have a conflict of interest with your work. Such potential reviewers include:

  • Your Ph.D. advisor(s), post-doctoral advisor(s), Ph.D. students, and post-doctoral advisees, forever.
  • Family relations by blood or marriage, or their equivalent (e.g., a partner), forever.
  • People with whom you have collaborated in the past five years. Collaborators include co-authors on an accepted/rejected/pending research paper, co-PIs on an accepted/rejected/pending grant, those who fund your research, and researchers whom you fund.
  • Note that “service” collaborations, such as writing a report for a professional organization or serving on a program committee, do not by themselves create a conflict of interest.
  • A member of the same organization (e.g., company, university, government agency, etc.) within the past five years.
  • Close personal friends or others whom you believe to have a conflict of interest with your paper being accepted or rejected.
  • Send email to the Program Chair if you have a question.

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